Top 5 Delicious Desserts at Pinch of Yum

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Pinch of Yum is a delicious and easy way to make healthy homemade meals fast and easy. It was actually designed by Shay Bocks, an award winning web designer who is best known for her work at Zencart. If you were wondering what blog or cooking site Pinch of Yum utilizes: Pinch of Yum utilizes WordPress. That’s why it is highly functional and very easy to use.

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Clean And Simple Design

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What I love most about Pinch of Yum office renderings are its clean and simple design. The blog itself is designed to follow simple guidelines that are already laid out. For example, the footer of this blog includes graphics of several fruits, vegetables and other foods that are great for the health conscious individual. The blog footer also has a graphic that shows the yummy looking Pinch of Yum products as well as the contact us page. In addition to this, Pinch of Yum also includes visual direction, which helps it to be categorized as an informative blog and not just another food blog.

You can expect a wide variety of recipes featured on the Pinch of Yum website. Some of the recipes include Pinch of Yum deep dish cinnamon streusel dessert pizza, Pinch of Yum creamy peanut butter and banana pudding pie, Pinch of Yum’s delicious banana nut Bread Pizza and Pinch of Yum’s famous blueberry pancakes.

These delicious recipes are easy to make and they are all very healthy for you to eat. If you’re planning on making your own Pinch of Yum recipes be sure you use ingredients that are organic and free from unhealthy fats and sugars. Some of these ingredients include organic apple sauce, cinnamon sugar, real vanilla extract and sea salt.

Delicious Recipe

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Another recipe that will appeal to many individuals is Pinch of Yum’s famous deep dish cinnamon streusel dessert pizza. This recipe is so delicious and yet so simple. All it requires is a base or crust, a cup of skim milk and three tablespoons of natural unsweetened cocoa powder. Just mix all of this together and bake away!

Cinnamon cookies are another delicious dessert that many people love to have while dining at a Pinch of Yum’s restaurant. Cinnamon cookies are made with the finest grade of cinnamon and cookie cutters and baked on a pre-heated grill. They are absolutely delicious and very simple to make. The secret to this dessert pizza is Pinch of Yum’s special blend of “Creamy Vanilla Extract” which gives their cookies their delightful flavor. This extract is blended with maple syrup, butter and real cream to give you a sweet and sticky cinnamon bun that is indeed satisfying.

Enjoy Blueberry Pancakes

If you enjoy blueberry pancakes as well as cookies, then you’ll definitely enjoy this yummy blueberry pancake recipe. Using fresh blueberries is all that’s needed for this savory pancake recipe. Mix together three eggs and four cups of white milk. Whisk the egg mixture into the milk until it’s fully combined and then slowly add in the blueberries.

If you’re a real fan of the desserts offered by Pinch of Yum, then you’ll certainly enjoy trying out their other entrees as well. Some of their other entrees include banana pudding, cinnamon twists, macadamia nut bread, chocolate chip cookie, blueberry cobbler and cinnamon toast. These recipes are really popular because most people simply love them.

Final Verdict

The only problem is that they cannot be found in your local mall or grocery stores. If you happen to live near one, then you may consider shopping for them online.

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