Three Extremely Healthy And Quick Easy Meal Prep Recipes

quick easy meal prep recipes

Living in this era of fast-moving life, everyone looks for Quick Easy Meal Prep Recipes. It is obvious that people are in a need of such meals because no one has time to prepare full meals. Preparing quick meals is not just a shortcut but also a convenient option for all the working people out there. The Quick Easy Meal Prep Recipes are useful for not only working mothers/fathers but also for university students because they do not get time to prepare meals for themselves. So, by preparing these meals all by themselves can give them a healthy diet and will help them in saving money spent on buying food from the market.

Few Quick Easy Meal Prep Recipes To Make Cooking Easy For You

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These meals are cost-friendly and can be made within a short period. Let’s take a look at some of the best Quick Easy Meal Prep Recipes.

Healthy Overnight Oats In Different Ways

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Preparing this meal will take not more than five minutes. It is inclusive of chia seeds as well as oats, and some other healthy food items as well. This meal is full of protein and other essential nutrients. The most important ingredients that you are going to need are oats and milk. Other optional ingredients are flax seeds, chia seeds, yogurt, sweeteners, toppings, etc. Making oats is an extremely easy task. All that you have to do is soak the oats in a mason jar. Add chia seeds or any other seeds of your choice to the jar along with oats. If you are fond of sweets then add a sweetener. Otherwise, mix all of this with almond milk or any other milk of your choice. You can add yogurt, chocolate, berries, strawberry, etc. You can add anything with oats and soak them and have them in the morning.

Parfait Of Fruit And Yogurt

This is another yummy recipe that you will crave for. Making it is pretty simple. All you need is fresh fruit, yogurt, granola, maple syrup, or honey. For making it add 2-3 tablespoons of yogurt to a Mason jar or Weck jar. Add a layer of fruits of your choice. Then follow the same for the next two layers. On the top of it sprinkle granola, flakes of coconut, and some maple syrup.

Greek Couscous Salad

For making this recipe, you are required to get six containers of equal size for meal prep and six more for the dressing. You don’t want to mix the dressing with salad beforehand because it will make the salad soggy. Choose vegetables of your choice, for instance, bell peppers, cucumber, parsley, red onion, tomatoes and chop them all. Divide all these vegetables into six different containers. For adding protein, take chickpeas and roast them if you like them crispy. You can even season it with some pepper and salt. As an alternative, chicken and peas can also be used because they are rich sources of protein. So, garnish them with lemon, feta cheese, and parsley. You can even add any dressing of your choice to the meal.


Quick Easy Meal Prep Recipes are made in no time. They are a complete package of deliciousness and good health. You must try them at home.

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