The Dash Diet Meal Plan And Shopping List

dash diet meal plan and shopping list pdf

The dietary guidelines are meant to be used as a guide for controlling one’s diet and eating habits to achieve healthy weight loss. The diet consists of four main components-the DASH diet meal plan and shopping list, dietary supplements, and the recommended home use fats. The DASH diet and shopping list are available for download from the USDA web site. Alternatively, the dietary supplement component of the DASH diet can be purchased from retail suppliers.

Not Required To Be A Part Of The Diet

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The DASH dietary supplements are not required to be a part of the diet and are only recommended when recommended by the physician. This means that one is free to eat as much of the DASH-approved foods as one likes, provided they do not contain the DASH-approved vitamins or DASH minerals. In the case of the DASH-approved fruits and vegetables, one is not supposed to limit themselves to consuming them only once a week or even once a month, but rather one is encouraged to eat them as often as possible. The suggested daily allowance of these DASH foods is six portions of fruit and six servings of vegetables per day.

The DASH diet meal plan and shopping list is broken down into several sections to provide a guide to eating the diet as a whole. Each of these sections provides a list of foods that should be eaten and those that should be avoided at all costs. The recommended portions of each are also specified in the guide. In addition, DASH food groups are discussed briefly. This helps the dieter to identify which of the DASH foods he or she should consume most often. The dietary restrictions are quite strict, but the following categories are recommended to be present in the diet meal plan and shopping list for most people:

Low Calorie Foods

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These include dairy products, low fat dairy products, low sugar dairy products, yogurt, cottage cheese, low fat spreads, margarine, poultry and fish, peanuts, seeds, soy beans, and other legumes. Some examples of low calorie foods include apples, apricots, avocados, bamboo shoots, carrots, cabbage, cantaloupe, cherries, dark leaf lettuce, eggplant, hazelnuts, ice cream, lemonade, chocolate, coconut milk, orange juice, peaches, pineapples, pumpkins, pretzels, sugar snap peas, strawberry shortcake, sunflower seeds, sweets, and yogurt. While these are generally low calorie foods, they should still be consumed in moderation due to the fact that low calorie foods generally do not supply enough nutrients for an adequate amount of food over a long period of time.

Low Calorie Fats

These include canola oil, peanut butter, artificial flavorings, and shortening. Other foods high in calories include sweet potatoes, cakes, cookies, and candy bars. Some examples of low calorie foods include ranch dressing, whipped toppings, avocados, and salsa. These foods high in calories should still be eaten in moderation due to the fact that a long term diet low in calories is not always the healthiest way to lose weight.


Overall, the e-book The Dash Diet Meal Plan and Grocery List PDF is very helpful for any dieter. By using the grocery list generator and the actual grocery list in the actual e-book, it makes it very easy to stay on track and manage your diet. This helps eliminate the temptation to go shopping while on the diet and prevents you from buying more food than you can eat, making the diet as easy and as tasty as possible.

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