The Best Pregnancy Meal Plan Ideas - The Best Pregnancy Meal Plan Ideas -

The Best Pregnancy Meal Plan Ideas

pregnancy meal plan ideas

As an expectant mom you want to give the best to your unborn child. You want to eat the best pregnancy diet to ensure healthy growth and development of your baby. Well-wishers often tend to bombard a pregnant woman with healthy pregnancy advice on what to eat and what not to eat which often renders the mom-to-be in confusion. We all know that whatever a woman’s eat during her pregnancy plays a crucial role in the unborn baby’s growth but what exactly should a pregnant woman eat and how much?

Importance of a Proper Pregnancy Diet

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The first and foremost part of a pregnancy diet plan is it to include all the food groups in your diet plant in order to provide optimum nutrition to your child. It is essential for the mother to gain some weight during pregnancy in order to sustain the child in the womb. A diet plan for pregnancy should be rich in all the nutritional requirements that both you and your baby need during the pregnancy months.

Pregnancy Meal Plan Ideas

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Early Morning

Cow’s milk – 1 glass or Almond milk – 1 glass of milk with 5 to 6 crushed almonds or

Milkshake – half glass milk blended with any fruit or

Tomato juice – 1 glass of juice of 3 tomatoes

Dry fruits – 4 almonds, 4 cashews, 4-5 raisins, dried figs and any other dry fruits


fresh fruits – 1 Bowl

Wheat Porridge or oats with lots of veggies – 1 Bowl or Egg Omelet with lots of veggies – 3 eggs or

Whole wheat toast with butter or cheese and omelet – 2 pieces and 1 egg omelet and/or yogurt

Mid- Morning Snack

Vegetable Soup – 1 Bowl or

Chicken Soup – 1 Bowl or

Nuts and Fruits or

Fresh fruit juice/ Tender Coconut water


Chicken Salad with 1 bowl of boiled vegetables or soup

Chicken curry with rice and sprouts salad

A portion of rice with salad and grilled chicken breast

Evening Snack

Cheese and corn toast – 2 pieces or

Fruits smoothie – 1 glass or

Peanuts with vegetables – 1 bowl or

Snacks like sandwich- 2 pieces of either item


Chicken rice with yoghurt or fish curry with salad

Importance of Supplements in a Pregnancy Diet Plan

Iron and calcium tablets are often given during pregnancy. A multi-vitamin and minerals supplement is generally given in the first trimester if the woman is very nauseous and unable to eat properly. A folic acid supplement is generally given after 12 weeks of pregnancy to ensure no birth defects in the fetus.

Do’s during Pregnancy:

Make sure that you don’t get any rashes or any other symptoms after eating a particular food.

Eat butter in sufficient quantities to ensure healthy growth of the baby and energy for your body.

Include dry fruits in the diet every day.

Try to include all kinds of fruits and vegetables in your diet

Eat fresh and homemade food as much as possible.

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