The Basic Of Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan

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There are a lot many diet plans that help people in maintaining the desired fitness. Many people consider that the health, not only physical but the mental health is directly affected by the food we eat. Many researchers have also stated that a path to a healthy mind and body is paved with healthy food. The Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan is considered to be one of the best diet plans to be followed in many countries.

Mediterranean Diet Plan

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The Mediterranean Diet Plan is said to be a diet with the foods that are traditional to the countries of Italy and Greece. That is the reason that the diet is named after the Region of these countries. Studies have reflected that the diet in these countries is much more balanced and healthy than in other countries. The diet is rich in nutrients and is moderate on the digestive system. This moderation of the digestive system is essential for better physiological and physical health.

The Basics of Mediterranean Diet Plan

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The basic rules of the diet plan include the use of certain food items as the regular items. Certain foods are included in moderation whereas some are next to omitted. The next to omitted food items can be considered as the rare dishes that are as good as none in the diet plan.

  1. Regular Components in Diet Plan- This includes almost all the vegetarian food. Plant based foods are highly considered. The use of vegetables and fruits is promoted. The components that can be eaten daily include whole grains, legumes, tubers, that is, potato and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. These form the vegetarian portion of the diet whereas the non vegetarians can enjoy fish and seafood on a regular basis. The spices, and herbs constitute the basics of the diet plan.
  2. Components that are used in Moderate frequencies- The components that are advised to be used in moderation are most from farm produce. The use of eggs, poultry constitute the moderate group in the non vegetarian section. On the other hand the dairy products, in a vegetarian diet, are considered to be eaten in moderation. These include products like Cheese and Yoghurt.
  3. The rare or next to Omitted components- The red meat is a rare component in the Mediterranean diet plan. Red meat is considered to be indigestible in those weather conditions and therefore, red meat is rarely a part of the diet. 


The Mediterranean Diet Plan can be said to have an inclination towards the flexitarian approach for food lovers. The diet plan is simple since there are not many omissions or mandatory components. The regular diet components can be easily prepared and followed.The approach is highly scientific and will benefit the person in maintaining a good health. The healthy eating Habits can be easily included because of the Mediterranean Diet Plan.

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