Simple Ways on How to Eat Healthy and Lose Weight

how to eat healthy

You can start by changing your mindset about food. First off, there’s a ton of information and opinions (and misinformation) to wade through, so it’s difficult to truly know what to listen to. This has led to a very narrow view of healthy, strict dieting, which has also skewed a great deal of thinking on what healthy eating advice actually should sound like.


The key to eating better is understanding that it is more about your mental state than anything else. That means that when you are eating, you should mentally prepare yourself for eating whatever you want, whenever you want. Start eating in a healthy way: imagine yourself enjoying every bite of food, enjoying the entire experience of the food. Once you have this mental attitude, your eating will be easier to do.

Train Your Brain

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You will also notice that you will begin to wither less as you eat more junk food. As you know, willpower is something you train yourself to have by consistently doing things that make you feel bad. In this case, you are training your mind to resist the temptation of junk food. However, if you train your brain to resist the withering temptation of a slice of pizza, you won’t have the willpower to keep up with the whole binge. Just picture yourself having just one slice of pizza and you will find that you don’t crave it nearly as much.

Say No To Cholesterol

This is a relatively simplistic explanation, but I believe it hits the crux of the matter. The thing that separates diets from diets is not the quantity or the type of food, but the frequency. A diet is supposed to only have one or two foods per day, ideally three. If you follow this philosophy on a regular basis, you won’t be tempted to skip meals. This is one of the easiest, yet most profound, of the simple ways on how to eat healthy without being a fatty pig.

No Junk Foods

The next thing that you can do on this subject is to make healthy eating easier by choosing better foods. This is again, related to willpower. With a choice architecture, you force your mind to make a choice, over. When your mind has made the choice, you have won! So, in this case, eat your vegetables because they taste better than a slice of pizza.

Hunger Management

To further apply this idea of choice architecture, once you have forced your mind to have one healthy food, feed the choice architecture by filling that same one with other, tasty foods. Eat whatever is left over. This is not just about portion control, but rather, about getting it all out of your system so that you can feel better. This will help you get a handle on your hunger, as well.

No More Calories

If you are underweight, you may have been tricked into eating too many calories. You don’t have to worry about this any longer! All you have to do is add extra calories to your daily intake by choosing foods from the outer ring of the ring. Once your brain realizes that there is more food available, it will start making better choices for you. Instead of eating junk food, you may decide to start eating fruit, or maybe even nuts.

Wrapping Up

There is really no secret to these simple ways on how to eat healthy and lose weight. All you have to do is change the foods that you choose to eat. Focus more on whole foods, and less on processed foods. Give your body time to adjust, and it will reward you with healthy, amazing weight loss. Eat healthy, and lose weight.

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