Quick Dinner Ideas: Try Delicious New Meal Plans

Quick Dinner Ideas: Try Delicious New Meal Plans

Preparing meals is a real time-saver for busy parents, but it’s even more important for moms who are pregnant or breastfeeding. So, what can a new mom do to save money and prepare an attractive, nutritious meal? Several meals are not only very healthy but also easy to make. First, grab some “quick dinner ideas” for a snack or light meal. Because you’re running short on time, grabbing something healthy will be more helpful than an expensive restaurant. Baked beans, fruit and vegetables, and even a bag of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are excellent quick, tasty, and low-cost snacks. Once your baby is old enough to eat solid foods, you can try to make her some of these dishes.

Fried Chicken: Quick Dinner Ideas

Fried Chicken is one of those great quick meal ideas. It’s very healthy and low in fat, so there’s no need to worry about the cholesterol content. If you can’t get the chicken right away, try to boil some chicken breasts in a soup like water with some salt and pepper and using the meat that cooks out of the water as a protein source in your next meal.

Quick Dinner Ideas: Try Delicious New Meal Plans
Quick Dinner Ideas: Try Delicious New Meal Plans

Quick Dinner Ideas Help You Save Time And Energy

Remember that making a hearty dinner on the table can help you save time and energy. A pound of ground beef can be substituted for three pounds of turkey or roast. This recipe can be modified slightly by adding mashed potatoes and a large baked potato or small sauteed potatoes.

You Can Try Baking Fresh Vegetables

If you’re looking for some more quick meal ideas, try baking fresh vegetables. They take less time-consuming prep work. You can add whole wheat crackers, fruit, and vegetables.

Quick Dinner Ideas: Try Delicious New Meal Plans
Quick Dinner Ideas: Try Delicious New Meal Plans

Cooking Brown Rice

Another great dish to look into quick meal ideas for is brown rice. Try making a recipe for Chili, which is quick and easy. Carrots, onions, and peppers are great for flavoring a chili.


Salads make great quick meal ideas for moms. Make a spinach or pita bread salad with lean beef, tomatoes, mayonnaise, guacamole, or sour cream.

Inexpensive Quick Dinner Ideas

When it comes to making inexpensive meals, fast ways, or just using leftovers, you’ll find plenty of ideas and recipes in the book, Ready, Set, Eat! By Jenny Craig.

Although this program was written for people who want to eat well and have good health, they recommend looking at meal plans as a way to get started on your food plan. Of course, if you’d rather not go this route, the program has tons of great recipes for making frozen, canned, and dried meals, and some suggestions for making home-cooked meals more healthy.

Quick breakfast ideas and snacks for the week might include oatmeal, yogurt, protein bars, almonds, fruits, and veggies. This quick meal idea book can also be used for more complicated recipes, like finger foods, desserts, and soups.

Preparing The Dinner To Feed The Whole Family

If you’ve never made dinner before, it can be easier to prepare a dinner that can feed a whole family, rather than having to cook a whole meal. You can make a simple chicken soup with the broth and sauce, add a few pieces of chicken, and cook it down with some white rice. You can also save money on the portion size by preparing a larger dish, like a six-pound ham, rather than a pound of fried chicken or a turkey breast.

Final Words

It’s good to keep in mind that when you’re planning and preparing for a trip to the grocery store, it’s essential to try some of the many quick and easy recipes, quick and inexpensive meals, and nutritious snacks that are offered in Ready, Set, Eat.

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