Pinch Of Yum – Here Is What You Should Know About It

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Everybody would like to turn their passionate Idea into a project that brings then and the public the benefits they plan on. There are very few examples for that but here, we have the best of examples – Pinch Of Yum. Pinch of Yum is a food blog that had its beginnings as a hobby. But now, it has turned into a business. 

Pinch Of Yum – About 

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Pinch of Yum started as a passion project in 2010. But, now it is one of today’s most popular blogs. It has visitors of millions on the blog, apart from which there are YouTube and Instagram followers. They have now expanded into four subsidiaries managed by the parent company TinyBit. The name TinyBit is rooted in the notion of one percent infinity. It represents the ethos of continually making small improvements. It is about showing up and getting a tiny bit better every day. 

So, the four are: Pinch of Yum – the largest entity; Foo Blogger Pro – a membership site for food bloggers; WP Tasty – a website that sells WordPress plugins for bloggers and Nutrifox is a nutrition analysis website. They have partnerships with brands among the likes of Chobani, Land O’Lakes, and more.

They have written various books, from the free recipe book that one can download to a book on ways to improve your food photography. 

Who Is Pinch Of Yum?

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Lindsay Ostrom is the creator, author, and voice behind Pinch of Yum. She makes recipes and writes content for both the blog and Instagram. She was working as a teacher when the idea struck her as a casual hobby for nights and weekends. Now it has become a full-fledged business. Many things are going on behind a food blog, and pinch of yum, too, has a large team behind its venture, from a lot of emails, video production, recipe development, social media handling, and more. 

Pinch of Yum has recipes that are interesting and inspiring but first, and foremost, very approachable. In the words of its founder, I want people to look at a recipe and say – I can do that.   

Pinch Of Yum – The Viewership 

How do we know the statistics that there a lot of people that visit their blog? That is because they report about their income on their blog for everyone to see. They do this every month, where Bjork Ostrom, the technology and business head of venture, shares posts about how the company is doing. He shares the success, failure, income, traffic, expenditure, and all of those things.  


The food supply chain is divided into five stages, and these are agricultural production, distribution, processing, post-harvest handling, and consumption. Each one of them was impacted by pandemics. Due to sickness or travel, agricultural production became difficult, affecting the food chain. In this way, Pinch of Yum has grown over the years. It has been more than ten years that it started, and it is reaching heights that its founders hadn’t even thought of at the beginning!

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