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Optimal Weight

Optimal Weight 5&1 Program is a weight-loss program designed to help increase your weight, while also enabling you to keep the weight off. The program’s main focus is on helping you feel fuller for longer, and also providing a variety of tastes in one place with all of their dishes.

Optimal Weight 5&1 Program is designed for:

Optimal Weight

Optimal Weight 5&1 Program is designed for weight loss that’s healthy even after you’ve reached your goal. We’ve all heard of “yo-yo” diets before, where people lose some weight but then gain it all back afterward. The reason why is because they’re not educated in what to eat in order to keep the weight off, it’s just a diet. The Optimal Weight 5&1 Program is an educational and practical weight-loss program, and our experts can show you what to eat after your goal weight has been reached in order to keep the weight off.

Optimal Weight 5&1 Program offers two meals:

Optimal Weight 5&1 Program offers two main meal options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner: Basic Omelette with Greens & Cheese, and Chicken & Vegetable Medley. We will give you full daily meal plans on what meals you should be having each day of the week. We recommend that you do not deviate from this plan unless it’s absolutely necessary, we’ve done the calculations for you. Dietitians inputted all their knowledge and experience into these so that they’re perfect for your goal. This is an optimal plan, not just a calorie-counting plan, we go beyond that by factoring in taste and nutrition to ensure you’re getting the best results possible.

Recommended Snacks for Optimal Program:

When on the program, you will be given two Optimal Weight 5&1 Program meals and one of your choice each day. You can also use snacks from this list to replace a meal if you choose to do so. Snacks: almonds, raisins, peanuts and pumpkin seeds (not salted), raw vegetables such as celery or cucumber. There are also Optimal Weight 5&1 Program snacks and desserts available:

Bars: Almond Coconut, Chocolate Truffle, and Peanut Crunch. You can use these as a snack when you need something between meals or after dinner so they help to curb your appetite before bedtime. They also provide balanced nutrients such as protein and healthy fats for staying satisfied longer. Enjoy one of these every day with your lunch or dinner meal.

Optional Eatables:

Puddings such as Raspberry Ripple, Choco Banana tapioca Pudding (contains dairy), and Lemon posset (contains dairy). These tasty desserts contain a healthy dose of protein and fiber in each serving, which helps you feel full for longer. They also have no added sugar, so they are perfect for dessert.

These are OPTIONAL, but it’s highly recommended that you DO NOT deviate from the meal plans given to you.

If you don’t already know what your body needs to stay healthy, then how can you expect to maintain weight loss? Our experts have done all the calculations for you based on your goal weight and height – if this seems daunting or too much work right now, then consider coming back when you’re ready. We will still be offering Optimal Weight 5&1 Program at that time.


You can only eat from this list. No random snacking, it’s very important that you don’t deviate from the meal plan given to you, because again, our experts have done all the math for you and these meals are proven to help with weight loss. If there is anything at all that will keep you from following the meal plan to a T, then please do not start this program until you’ve talked things over with your doctor.

For optimal results on the Optimal Weight 5&1 Program or any other weight-loss program, it is best to train yourself to avoid eating when hungry. When hunger strikes (which is bound to happen), drink some water and wait for 20 minutes in order to see if the hunger goes away.

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