Healthy Pregnancy Meal Plan For Working Women

healthy pregnancy meal plan

Pregnancy is the time when a woman needs a highly nutritious diet. Despite knowing this fact, most working women fail in maintaining a healthy pregnancy meal plan. If a pregnant woman knows well what she has to eat and when it will enhance the chances of a healthy baby. Keeping this thing in consideration, we are introducing a healthy pregnancy meal plan from the first to the ninth month.

First To Third Month

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During the first trimester of pregnancy, one should take extreme care of her diet and must take only a balanced diet. Try to avoid the foods which cause a hot impression on your body (eg. mutton, egg, dry fruits, extra spicy food, etc.). Green veggies, lentils, milk, coconut water, and fruits are the best recommendations for this span. Green veggies are rich in iron and lentils compensate for the deficiency of protein in your body. Coconut water keeps the body hydrated and milk supplies calcium. Don’t let your water intake drop, keep yourself hydrated and it will be beneficial for you and your baby both.

Fourth to Sixth Month

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After the third month, some of the most important organs of the baby begin to develop. So, pregnant women require a surplus of nutrients during the second trimester of pregnancy. Thus, this trimester is the time that determines the health of the baby. Women must consume milk (or saffron-added milk, if possible), raw coconut, pomegranate, bananas, fish, boiled eggs, spinach, and lentils, etc. during this period. Saffron-added milk supplies calcium to your body as well as purifies your blood. Dry fruits provide healthy fats and energy, spinach is the supreme source of iron. Raw coconut keeps your body safe from warming sickness, pomegranate and bananas ensure the physical and mental growth of the baby. Consuming all these food items will ensure the normal delivery of the baby. If you are fond of having mutton and other nonveg items, you can consume them in little portions after the fourth month. 

Seventh To Ninth Month

After the sixth month, almost all the organs of the baby begin to take shape and it’s the rapid growth period. During this period, women must consume those things which help in the development of the baby. Cow’s ghee is the most recommended thing during this trimester. One should consume at least a tablespoon of cow’s ghee daily. It not only supplies essential nutrients but also makes sure that the delivery will be as easier as possible. Besides it, women must consume eggs, milk, fresh yogurt, butter, and cottage cheese, etc. All these foods are not only high protein sources but also help in clearing the skin color of the baby. We suggest you include spinach soup and pomegranate juice in your daily diet. 


Pregnancy months are highly challenging for a woman and a bit of carelessness may affect the health of baby and mother both. One can avoid it easily by following a proper healthy pregnancy meal plan. Keep your protein, iron, and water intake high these months.

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