Healthy Cheap Meal Plan

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Most of the time we have heard that the more costly the item, the better it is and people end up thinking that expensive food is the best food. However, that’s not the reality. Are you someone who believes the same? You must realize that these are just marketing campaigns that have made one think this way. In reality, cheap food is much better and you can realize it with the following meal plan ideas. You can make your meal plan with its inspiration. These plans include eatables that are affordable and healthy too.  

Best Pocket Friendly Options For Breakfast

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Start your day with nutritious options like fruit salad. You can make eggs too as they come in the budget. There are certainly reasonable cereals to try as well. For breakfast, plain and simple oatmeal can be a good idea too. Make it more healthy by topping it with fruit and nuts. You can also try the avocado toast topped with sea salt for more sweetness and flavors.

Reasonable Lunch Ideas To Try

A plate of food on a table

For lunch, have vegetable soup. It’s both filling and healthy. You can make a sandwich with onion, hummus, tomatoes and so on. You can go for the sandwich flavors that you like and be creative with them. Try alternatives like a stuffed pepper, salads, etc. If you look around you will get affordable eatables at the grocery store. 

Healthy Snacks Available At Budget

Snacks should be easy to digest and that’s why a handful of peanuts and almonds. Peanuts are rich in protein while almonds have antioxidants and other nutrients that the body needs. A pack of these comes at a cheap price too. In your meal plan, include fruits like oranges and apples as they are always available at $1 in the market. You can have tea as well.

Nourishing Dinner Options To Try

End your day with something light yet satisfying like lentil soup. Lentils are filled with carbohydrates and proteins that are good for health. Make spaghetti squash or taco salad as they are priced at reasonable rates at any grocery store. Moreover, not much preparation time is needed for these recipes. Try stuffed cabbage as cabbage leaves are cheap and healthy as well. Zucchini pasta is a great choice too. 


In our busy lives, it’s difficult to give proper nourishment to the body. Firstly, we don’t have much time and don’t want to put in the effort. Secondly, we think that cheap food is not good thanks to the marketing strategies by brands. People spend hundreds of bucks on expensive-looking food over other cheap yet healthy items. The lack of knowledge is one reason behind such a decision. But now you can make your healthy and cheap diet plan with the above-mentioned ideas. From breakfast to dinner, here are quite some suggestions to try.

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