Different habits of wellbeing


There are different types of habits that we can adapt to boost our health of mind soul.


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This is done to keep fit and healthy. It involves engaging in activities like walking, jogging and even dancing etc. This increases energy levels and also reduces stress and anxiety. Exercise is a great way of de-stressing yourself; something which we all need after a long day at work or school. You can also try going out on a walk taking your dog with you while listening to music.


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Meditation is a type of spiritual practice which involves just sitting down and doing nothing. For beginners, they should start by finding a quiet place where there are no distractions or anything that will occupy their minds. An ideal place would be the park near your house, where you can go early in the morning. It is best to meditate for around thirty minutes each time; something that is achievable for people who do not have much free time on their hands. You should try not to think about anything or control your thoughts while doing this activity.


Music comes with different genres and moods. You can try listening to music that you like or songs that match your mood depending on the activities that you are doing at the moment.


Reading is often used as a complete exercise for the mind; where it stimulates both our thinking process and imagination. When you read, it opens up your mind to different ideas that come from the writer’s perspective.


It is a healthy activity that involves spending some time in open spaces with sunshine. It helps to reduce stress and anxiety by reducing your cortisol levels through fresh air exposure. You can also grow your favourite plants or flowers depending on the type of garden you have. Gardening has become a very popular hobby recently.


This is a type of self-reflection where you can write about what happened during that day and how it made you feel. You can even include anything that was on your mind like work or school but don’t go too far to avoid overwhelming yourself with thoughts that you might find hard to concentrate on again. This is helpful to remind yourself of the good things that happened during that day and it can help you sleep better at night. You should try writing three pages each time you journal to allow plenty of room for your thoughts and feelings.


Yoga is a traditional, spiritual practice where people use various postures and movements associated with the Indian culture. This activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for relaxing your body and calming your mind and wellbeing with others. This activity allows you to feel more at peace with yourself while releasing any tension in your muscles. Regular yoga practitioners can be mindful during their everyday lives without having to use postures or movements associated with this practice.


Dancing is a strenuous activity that helps to keep your mind and body busy as you enjoy the rhythm of the music. It is an excellent method of releasing stress and anxiety and wellbeing with others as it allows you to let go and focus on your movements. You should never feel self-conscious when dancing, so just follow the beat without thinking about the people around you. You should try to dance at least once a week to improve your mood and energy levels.

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