Delicious Quick Meal Recipes Indian

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Everyone loves having a plate full of hot and delicious food whenever they come home after a hectic schedule. Moreover, it becomes really difficult to cook food that takes more time. After doing work all day, we always prefer to make something that can be cooked quickly. There is a list of delicious quick meal recipes Indian usually make and eat. The quick meal recipes Indian includes recipes of paneer bhurji, masala bhindi, and others.

Following Are Delicious Quick Meal Recipes Indian 

Paneer Bhurji 

Paneer Bhurji

It is one of the tastiest and healthy quick meal recipes in Indian. Moreover, children also love eating it. All you need to do is temper onions, turmeric, red chili powder, salt, and tomato and then add scrambled cheese and cook it for 3-4 minutes.

Vegetable Fried Rice 

Vegetable Fried Rice

To make vegetable fried rice, cook the rice slowly, and add the boiled veggies and some masala. 

Masala Bhindi 

Temper the jeera, mustard oil, onions, fennel seeds, and turmeric in a pan. Then add the bhindi and cook it well. Masala bhindi makes the best combo with paratha. If you are a bhindi lover, then this recipe is sure a delight to eat. 

Calamari Fritters 

It is the easiest and delicious dish for seafood lovers. The squid rings are coated with flour and then fried. Serve the calamari fritters with chili mayonnaise. 

Tomato Paneer 

Add olive oil in a pan and toss tomato puree, less than ½ teaspoon of sugar, spices, and cheese pieces in it. This tomato paneer is a real deal. 

Curry Pasta 

It is one of the tempting quick meal recipes Indian. To make the curry paste, boil the pasta and then cook it well in the meat masala and tomatoes puree. It will hardly take 20 minutes to cook mouth-watering curry pasta. 

Jeera Vegetables 

It is the simplest quick meal recipe in Indian.  Boil the potatoes and fry them with spices. Next, add some ginger and a pinch of asafoetida for amazing taste. The jeera vegetables taste best with pooris or parathas. 

Scrambled eggs and chicken sausages

Add some butter to a pan and heat it until it melts. Add the slices of sausages and fry them slightly and then remove them from the pan. In the same pan consisting of butter, add onions, green chili, and salt and temper it properly. Add the beaten eggs to the pan and heat them gently with continuous stirring. Add some water, salt, butter, and milk as per the requirement. To avoid overcooking, add some cornstarch. Cook it well and then serve it with fresh juice. This one is a non-vegetarian’s delight.


Thus, whenever you feel like eating something delicious but Indian. Then, surely give a try to these Delicious Quick Meal Recipes Indian. These above mentioned Delicious Quick Meal Recipes Indian would save your time and will also satisfy your hunger. But make sure that you have all the ingredients, especially spices, as Indian with common species is not so tasty.

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