Camping Meal Plan Ideas For the Best Experience

A bowl of food on a plate

If you are looking for some great camping meal plan ideas, then this is the right place to start. In the United States we like to go to places that we can cook and eat on the spot. Usually that is a RV but in other countries it is a camping lodge or a cabin. Whatever the case may be, we all want to get out and explore our country. For that reason it makes sense to have a travel plan.

A Camping Menu Ideas

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A camping menu is usually something simple and easy to prepare and eat. It could be ranch, chili dogs, macaroni and cheese, or even a trail mix recipe. My husband likes trail mix, so he went with that as well. I went with a camping meal plan ideas from the internet.

The first thing I did was print out my mountain house grocery list. That way I knew what was out there and I would grab the items I needed for the weekend camping trip. I also printed out the grocery list for the week and made a list of the things that I might need for the camping menu that weekend. Sometimes the trail mix is a good choice, so I left that one out this time.

Gather All The Vegetables

A bowl of food with broccoli

Then I gathered up all of the dried beans, peas, corn, carrots, cauliflower, zucchini, garlic, onions, peppers, and the dried pellets for my morning food. I brought along my favorite kind of yogurt, which happens to have pectin in it so I needed that in my diet as well. Then I took my lunch to work with me. Usually I bring two smaller meals there so I had a snack there as well. I also brought some fruit that I could eat during the day like apples, oranges, or bananas. It makes a difference if you add fruits or vegetables to your diet, because it will help you feel full much quicker and you won’t get hungry as often.

Once I got home I went on Facebook and searched for some of the different foods I had in my list. I was amazed at how many responses I got from people who were in the same boat as I was, and they were mostly positive! That’s when I decided that maybe these people knew something I didn’t and added me on as a friend. Two months later I am one of the biggest members of the Facebook Camping Meal Plan Facebook group and I have also created a few pages on my own website to share my campfire fun and adventures.

Where To Eat

These days, I eat my dinner on my patio while I write in my journal or sit around the campfire with my kids. Sometimes I put some rose petals on my salad because I love that smell. The kids don’t like it and neither do I. There are plenty of different kinds of food that I like to cook, though, so it doesn’t take me hours to make a selection. This makes life a lot more fun, I think. I usually have some good ideas waiting for me when I get home from work so I can whip them up during dinner or right after I get up from the computer.

Summing Up 

I’m still not sure about what I will be doing next year but this is one thing that I am sure to try. In the mean time, I have decided to stock up on some of the different fruits that I love to eat, such as mangoes, papaya, melons, and bananas. If you are going on a cruise soon and are staying in a hotel close to a beach, then you might want to try sampling the local beverages before you eat. I recently had a glass of some delectable Riesling and a taste of some of the local ales. That’s the kind of place where the camping meal plan ideas take you!

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