An Easy Keto Meal Plan For People Who Don’t Like Plans – Read This Before You Buy Any Diet Plans

keto meal plan diet doctore

The Diet For Idiots (also known as the DIY Diet) is a popular diet plan. It is very effective, and it has been around for a while. However, I did some research on it to see if it was all it was cracked up to be. I did not find much information there, but I will tell you what I did find. This is a review of the diet plan and my results with it.

First, let’s get to the beginning. The Diet For Idiots is a 7-day meal plan. This is a very popular plan. The problem with The Diet For Idiots is that it is too short. You do not have a long period of time in which to lose weight, but you are not allowed to eat any food.

I found this very disheartening. I am in fairly good shape, but I wanted to lose a lot more weight. I decided to stick with the plan for a few weeks and go from there.

Keto Meal Plan Diet Doctore

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I was disappointed with the results. When I first started, I felt like I could eat anything I wanted. After a week or so, I was just eating whatever I could get my hands on. Of course, this was not working. The plan would allow me to eat less, so I had to start looking for ways to make up for it.

This is where the real problem starts. Since I could not eat any foods from the list, I had to get creative. One way I found was to substitute all of my baked goods for prepared ones. I also started cutting back on my fats and eating more vegetables.

In addition to eating less, I also found that I was not hungry as often. This was something that I had been struggling with since I started this plan. When I had a full belly, I was never hungry. However, once I started eating less, I noticed that I sometimes got hungry during the day. Maybe because I was drinking more water and eating less meat, but I figured this was good as well.

After about a month of following the plan, I found that I was starting to see some results. My weight loss slowed down a little bit, but overall my body felt great. I still had excess pounds to lose, but I was happy with the results. I decided to keep going with the plan and really start enjoying the fruits of my hard work.

A Much Ado

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When I got back from my vacation, I checked the results of everything and found that I had actually gained back a pound. It was surprising, but it did make me feel better about myself. Plus, I was eating a ton more meals than I was before. Now that I have kept on the diet plan and am eating the meals that I chose, I am happy and healthy. I will continue to follow the Keto Meal Plan to help me lose weight and become a slimmer person!

I was disappointed when I found out that the Keto Meal Plan requires a lot of prep time. It is very easy to put together, but if you are like me who does not have time during the day to prepare these meals, it can be a pain in the butt. However, I love being able to cook, so I am willing to make the extra effort. If you are someone who doesn’t have time to prepare healthy meals, then this might not be for you. But if you do have time to prepare meals, then this plan should work for you.

I also found that I wasn’t losing weight as fast as I expected. I thought that with all the eating that I would be getting into, that I would lose tons of weight in a short period of time. I was actually surprised that I was losing water weight. Since I am eating more meals per day, I was eating more food per meal too, so it took a while for the scale to catch up to where I wanted it to be.

Lastly, I didn’t like that there was no plan for portion sizes. There is a recommended amount of calories and fat to eat, but I was having trouble keeping up with this. I just wasn’t consuming enough each day. I was also disappointed that there was no mention of what type of foods to avoid. I have always eaten lean meats and vegetables, but I was avoiding those things because of my eating habits.

Bottom Line

All in all, this diet is a good diet plan. I like that it keeps track of your eating habits and lets you know how much you need to exercise each week. I like that there is a system to keep you on track, but the fact that there are so many flaws makes me not recommend this plan. If you are someone who likes to follow a diet and doesn’t like to go through the hassles of preparation and cooking, then this might be a plan for you. Otherwise, skip this one!

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