3 Quick Meal Recipe Apps that you need to try

Food on the cutting board

Our mobile phones are smart, and if used smartly, they can save us a lot of time in the kitchen.

Easy, Essential, Delicious – celebrate food with this curated list of Apps that make your busy lifestyles a bit simpler. Quick meals need not always have to be unhealthy, and what better time than new years to make a healthy-eating resolution. Just use your phone and pull out a new quick meal recipe app and get set for a meal of your choice: Mexican, Chinese, Italian, or whatever it is that you fancy.

 Whether it is to reach an ideal weight, maintain your stamina or get fitter, to follow your choice of vegan food, or simply to enjoy what you eat with a nutrition-based mindset, these quick meal apps make life much simpler by being ready reckoners for new recipes that you can churn out in just a few minutes. Whether you run your phone on Android or iOS, there are many apps available on a free or paid basis. Here we have rounded a few of our favorites to save you some more time and make it quicker to find these quick meal recipe apps.


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Here is an app that has a dedicated quick meal recipe section and is best described as your smart-cooking sidekick for the ones who don’t love spending hours and hours behind the kitchen doors. Find an exhaustive variety of recipes that will keep you prepped up and excited for your next kitchen sojourn. You can also set up preferences of taste or nutrition such that you will start receiving only relevant recommendations for your next discovery. These guys have taken off the load by giving us step-by-step videos, timers to make the whole activity a breeze. What’s better is that it doesn’t stop at just recipes – the app also allows you to add a complete recipe to your shopping cart and categorizes everything to make your shopping a cakewalk.


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This one is a cooking coach on mobile available to you both on the iOS and Android platforms. The Tasty app provides you with step by step instruction in an easy to understand manner.  The thousands of recipes this quick meal recipe app hosts are easily searchable through different filters. You can find recipes as per dietary needs, cuisine, vegan, ingredient specific, etc.  And if you are a vegetarian, it automatically hides all the recipes that have Non-Vegetarian ingredients. 

This also has loads of cooking video content by Master Chefs and Home Chefs, which shall kindle your inner chef. Another cool feature is, it has both American and Metric values, which gives the app a more global appeal. If you want cooking to be easy, this quick meal recipe app is to go to, and what more you also give you recommendations for your next meal basis a lot of relevant factors.


‘Ghar ka Khana’ (Home Food) and Cookpad are almost synonymous. The Cookpad app is one of the world’s largest group of home cooks. If you love cooking and sharing your cooking skills, irrespective you are an android or iOS user, Cookpad is the perfect platform.  You have thousands of varied recipes to choose from as well as connect with other home cooks. Searching for recipes is a child’s play; you can filter by ingredients, cuisine, seasonal dishes, etc. and instantly get the desired result. You can follow cooks that you’re your taste and style and customize your wall feed accordingly. Building the community by making sharing easy, this quick meal recipe app has surely won many hearts. So what are you waiting for? Pull out the smartphone and surprise your loved ones with your culinary skills.

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